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Roll Top Hip Pouch Small (various colourways)


The latest innovation in HIP POUCH science. I wanted to make a hip pouch that was more weather-resistant, and really kept all your stuff secure - no chance of anything falling out onto the floor. The roll top design also allows overstuffing with more cargo but without a larger profile.

It's not quite as easy to open and close with one hand, but I use a magnetic fid-lock buckle on these and once you get use to it, it's pretty easy to access things one handed.

- Fid-lock buckle closure
- Internal organizer pocket
- Lightweight floating X-Pac liner
- Integrated u-lock holster
- External D-rings for keys

- 7" Wide
- 2.5" Deep
- 6" Tall (rolled)
- Unrolls to 10"